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We provide tools and digital solutions developed in cooperation with campsite operators.

CampNerd GmbH & CO KG is a startup company founded in 2022 by the german camping association (BVCD e.V.) and its members. Our tools focus particularly on the needs of campground and motorhome site operators. We are focusing on promoting online bookability in the industry and strengthening the visibility of all campgrounds with our Channel Manager.

Our first product, the CHANGER Channel Manager, takes your online visibility to a new level and simplifies the management of availabilities


CampNerd GmbH & CO KG was created out of a project of the BVCD e.V. and its members with the aim of finding solutions to strengthen and establish the industry in the online market while focusing on the needs of the operators.

The company has shareholders who are campground operators and members from the association, who are committed to the company's goals in order to simplify their day-to-day business.

The team of professionals who work remotely as much as possible is located in Europe. The company management is based in Berlin.

...created for campgrounds based on their requirements.


CHANGER is an efficient tool for campgrounds to update availabilities on different online booking platforms in realtime. It allows you to sell all your accommodation types on the connected sites simultaneously. A Channel Manager can significantly increase the capacity of your campsite, generating bookings and helping to maximise profit.



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Primarily, we aim to develop clever solutions for our customers within the camping sector.

Their needs are very important to us. We support a productive working environment where smart employees can use their talents to the maximum.


To always provide support and be helpful to our customers in the best possible way. To do this, we want to approach problems and solve them with the help of smart software solutions and offer our customers the required tools for their businesses.


Always professional

We are an innovative company with the ambition to promote professional developments. High quality standards and determination play an essential role in our organisation.


Naturally logical

An intuitive and logical way of working is important to us. The solutions for our customers have to be structured in order to provide as much added value as possible. For this reason, we are in constant exchange with professionals in the camping industry to ensure a high level of customer orientation.



As we want to actively shape the opportunities of digitalisation, we strive to work in a focused manner in order to achieve our goals as efficient as possible. Creative solutions and a structured approach are among our core values.



We are committed to being an indispensable part of the world of camping with our software products.